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yeah, i'd do harry too. [entries|friends|calendar]
and isn't she just first class?

Dani. 18. College Freshman. University of California, Santa Cruz. Liberal. Vegetarian. Durham, CA.
MUSIC: The Beatles. Wilco. Bright Eyes. Brand New. Blur. Harry and the Potters. Hanson. The Unicorns. Soundtracks. Silverchair. Much, much more.
BOOKS: The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Harry Potter. Please Don't Kill the Freshman. Catcher in the Rye. Tithe. Dangerous Angels. A Great and Terrible Beauty.
REMOTE: The OC. Buffy. Lost. Grey's Anatomy. That's So Raven. Disney Channel. Friends. Food Network. Comedy Central. The Simpsons.
SCREEN: PJ Hogan's Peter Pan. Anything Disney. Amelie. Forrest Gump. Clockwork Orange. Almost Famous. Prisoner of Azkaban. Kill Bill Vol 1&2. Princess Mononoke. Fern Gully. Mean Girls. A Little Princess. Love Actually. Igby Goes Down. Baz Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet. The Royal Tenenbaums. Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys. Pirates of the Carribean. Trainspotting.

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[22 Sep 2007|12:48am]
[ mood | groggy ]

I had to write this a long time ago for my creative writing class, but I thought I'd just post it to see what everyone thinks. Looking back on this it seems a little cheesy, but I still like the driving force behind it, if you will. Yayness.

TarotCollapse )

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Broken [10 Oct 2006|01:28am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Whenever people asked her about Conor Pellan she never really knew how to explain him, or them, or whatever they were. They never really began at a specific point that she could remember, just slowly moved from simply being friends into the complicated knot of a relationship. Natalie loved Conor, though: loved the familiarity of his floppy brown hair, the calluses on his hands, how his heart beat faster when they were alone. His name fell easily from her lips, like it was the first word she’d ever learned. “Conor,” Natalie would whisper, against the shell of his ear in the dark. His smile was easy and sprang open like a trap at even the slightest joy, all gleaming and grinning and shockingly white. Conor smiled all the way up to his eyes, filling his entire face with light.

But Natalie and Conor were splitting, falling apart, breaking like a million pieces of glassCollapse )

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[11 May 2006|08:31pm]

that is all.
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muahaha. [22 Mar 2006|05:36pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Bold which one you'd do.Collapse )
Best survey ever, basically.

I just got done with my chem final. WOOOO. No more chem ever ever ever again because I switched to a Lit major. Fuck yes.


One more final to go, then spring break, Tahoe, and my new house!!


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craziest night ever [11 Mar 2006|05:56pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

So basically last night was one of the best nights EVER. I had an unbelievable amount of fun. Here's a list of the sequence of events:

1. Sex and the City Season 5
2. Jell-O Shots in Teresa's room
3. Beer Pong and dancing in Gill and Megan's room
4. Sam and I chasing wayyytoodrunk!Audrey on third floor
5. Me taking care of Caity in my room, which escalated to her dropping the empty fish bowl I had given her to puke in on the floor and it shattering everywhere, which then led to Sam and I drunken!cleaning up glass shards
6. More shots
7. Sweet as dance party in Teresa's room where I learned Lindsay can get DOWN
8. A CRAZY ASS STORM. It was lightninginging and thundering sooo hard and then it started HAILING like CRAZY.
9. We all ran down to the quad, me with no shoes and in a tanktop, to start a snowball/hail fight. Was too drunk to notice my feet were numb. It was the best thing ever. Mind you, I live in Santa Cruz, CA, by the fucking beach. It does not snow here.
10. Somebody pulled the fire alarm to get everyone to go outside and play in the snow. It worked.
11. We were stuck outside because the fucking CRE's wouldn't let us back inside until the fire alarm got turned off. I still didn't have shoes.
12. The CRE's started freaking out because lightning had struck campus so they made us all go in the dining hall, where the deafening fire alarm was still going off, where is was blatantly drunk in front of the RA's and CRE's.
13. They decided it was safe to walk to Kresge, where the fire alarm wasn't going off.
14. We went to Jessie's apartment and smoked a spliff with Mikhail, Molly, Dan, Sam, and Jessie. It was awesome.
15. Sort of passed out/watched TV
16. Walked back to Porter in the snow. The fire alarm was STILL going off but only in our hall. Nice, huh? I went in my room and watched Sex and the City by myself.
17. Had to get on Mapquest and attempt to get directions for Gill's friend, who was coming into town. However, Gill was passed out, so basically it was just Ashley and I, on the phone, giving drunken phone lame directions. Huzzah.
18. The fire alarm finally stopped at 2:00AM
19. Passed the fuck out.

To sum it all up, drunken snowball fights in SANTA CRUZ. Pure love.


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updateupdate [17 Feb 2006|06:36pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Yay I am home for the weekend! I'm currently mooching off of Rose's computer right now... I didn't bring my laptop.

It's fucking freezing! It's supposed to snow at 500 ft tonight... Even Chico might get snow! How crazy is that? It's only snowed here once that I remember. It was my freshmen year. Best day ever. The snow didn't stick, though. It never does. :(

We sold our house! Huzzah. It's weird coming home and having everything packed up, though. My mom has 'til the 23rd or so of March to find a new house. We're going to look at the ones she's interested in tomorrow afternoon.

I finally got a H.Net membership! Hurrah. I'm heyjude. I'm so excited. XD

My hands are falling off due to the freezingness. Must go snuggle up and proceed to freeze to death.


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yay mail! [13 Feb 2006|01:25pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Huzzah! I got my merch from Hanson.net!! Yay.

I got Underneath Acoustic FINALLY... (I was MIA when it was released) and the Mayfest poster and the UA wifebeater-y type shirt with the headphones on it. Huzzah huzzah.

And my aunt sent me $100(!!) for V-day. I love herrrrr. She's my hero. So H.net membership and sushi here I come!

Basically, best mail day evah.

I've been making tons of icons again! I'll post some once I feel I've got a good enough set.

from weasleyismyking surveyCollapse )

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procrastination eats my soul [07 Feb 2006|02:47am]
[ mood | tired ]

How amusing would it be if Hanson played Man from Milwaukee next tour?

My procrastination so far has consisted of: eating a bagel, getting a blow job lesson from one the girls down the hall (lol), drinking a lot of coke to keep caffeinated, looking at every single hanson picture ever, sending every single hanson picture ever to _boomswagger, talking to theworks, listening to hanson, giggling, chugging more coke, "reading", realizing I'm terrible, re-doing my MySpace with a layout from hanson, being the laziest person ever.


I am still procrastinating.

It's been five hours.

I suck.

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when you're near me, i seem to forget my lonely days [07 Jan 2006|10:44pm]
[ mood | full ]

stolen from solitune

2. birthday:
3. place of residence:
4. what makes you happy:
5. what are you listening to now/have listened to last:
6. do you read my lj:
7. if you do, what is particularly good/bad about it:
8. an interesting fact about you:
9. are you in love/have a crush at the moment:
10. favourite place to be:
11. favourite lyric:
12. best time of the year:

1. a film:
2. a book:
3. a band, a song and an album:

1. one thing you like about me:
2. two things you like about yourself:
3. put this in your lj so i can tell you what i think of you.

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[14 Dec 2005|04:36pm]
[ mood | chipper ]



my mom is selling the house, though. that = bad.

and math = bad. i got a d bad grade in precalc. it's over though.

hurrah once more!

i am off to chipotle and to see narnia again!



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*hops on the bandwagon* [11 Mar 2004|10:51pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Comment to be added.
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