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Who Would You Do?
Special Hogwarts Addition

1. Arabella Figg or Filch
2. Ludo Bagman or Barty Crouch Sr.
3. Crookshanks or Mrs. Norris ewww
4. Pig or Hedwig ewww
5. Katie Bell or Angelina Johnson
6. Oliver Wood or Lee Jordan
7. Millicent Bulstrode or Pansy Parkinson
8. Cornelius Fudge or Rufus Scrimgeour
9. Bellatrix Lestrange or Narcissa Malfoy
10. Cho Chang or Fleur Delacour
11. Lavender Brown or Hermione Granger I fucking love Hermione, fo' sho.
12. Rudolphus Lestrange or Regulus Black
13. Professor Flitwick or Professor Binns
14. McGonagall or Trelawny
15. Cedric Diggory or Victor Krum
16. Lily Evans or Ginny Weasley
17. Peter Pettigrew or Neville Longbottom
18. Crabbe or Goyle
19. Seamus or Dean
20. James Potter or the Giant Squid what kind of question is this?
21. Draco Malfoy or Severus Snape
22. Tom Riddle or Lucius Malfoy
23. Voldemort or Hagrid ahh, that was icky
24. Fred or George
25. Bill or Charlie
26. Percy or Arthur Weasley DILF
27. Godric Griffindor or Salazar Slytherin
28. Rowena Ravenclaw or Helga Hufflepuff
29. Fabian or Gideon Prewett
30. Fleur Delacour or Nymphadora Tonks Even though she SUCKED in Book 6. Her creepy love for Remus ruined her.
31. Remus Lupin or Sirius Black
32. Igor Karkaroff or Barty Crouch Jr.
33. Mad Eye Moody or Lockhart
34. Kingsley Shacklebolt or Frank Longbottom
35. Albus Dumbledore or Merlin
36. Cormac McLaggen or Zacharias Smith
37. Harry Potter or Ron Weasley eeep. hard choice.
38. Voldemort or Grindelwald hmmmm. only because grindelwald is supposedly hitler.
39. Moaning Murtle or Merope Gaunt maybe she'd stop bitching if she got laid.
40. Rita Skeeter or Dolores Umbridge
41. Stan Shunpike or Horace Slughorn
42. Hooch or Sprout

Best survey ever, basically.

I just got done with my chem final. WOOOO. No more chem ever ever ever again because I switched to a Lit major. Fuck yes.


One more final to go, then spring break, Tahoe, and my new house!!

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