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Yay I am home for the weekend! I'm currently mooching off of Rose's computer right now... I didn't bring my laptop.

It's fucking freezing! It's supposed to snow at 500 ft tonight... Even Chico might get snow! How crazy is that? It's only snowed here once that I remember. It was my freshmen year. Best day ever. The snow didn't stick, though. It never does. :(

We sold our house! Huzzah. It's weird coming home and having everything packed up, though. My mom has 'til the 23rd or so of March to find a new house. We're going to look at the ones she's interested in tomorrow afternoon.

I finally got a H.Net membership! Hurrah. I'm heyjude. I'm so excited. XD

My hands are falling off due to the freezingness. Must go snuggle up and proceed to freeze to death.

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